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Achieving success in any political campaign doesn’t just happen. It is a product of specific tasks implemented by an entire team of people who believe in their candidate.

Jack wants YOU on his team! Are you able to volunteer your time, your money, or your resources?

Let's work together to keep America free!

Below are some simple tasks that anyone can do to help send Jack Martin to Washington for us:

  1. 1. Fill out the form below. Someone will reach out to you shortly to see exactly where you can best help the team.
  2. 2. Donate to the campaign. Jack needs 100,000 people to donate the simple cost of a cup of coffee - every $5 donation puts him one step closer to this necessary goal.
  3. 3. Get Jack's Candidate Petitions signed. He needs 2,400 petitions to get on the ballot. If just 240 Floridians get 10 petitions signed then Jack has that task checked off! (Fill out the form below to requests those petitions.)
  4. 4. Put/Sponsor a Yard Sign on your property to show your support.
  5. 5. Go door-to-door to help get out the vote.
  6. 6. Spread the word and share Jack's campaign online.
  7. 7. Attend Events.
  8. 8. Make phone calls.
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